Safety Services

What is a PHSR or CSA Z432 and Why Do You Need It?


The purpose is to provide a timely professional review of equipment to identify specific standards and ensure removal or control of hazards before start up of equipment. The PHSR report is completed after an inspection of the equipment and ensures that the equipment meets the applicable provisions of various industrial establishments in the jurisdiction where the equipment is located. The report further outlines all non-compliances and states remedial measures that need to be taken to bring the equipment in compliance with regulations in that particular jurisdiction.

More importantly, it’s insurance. Insurance against fines, operator injuries, and potential lawsuits.

Here’s The Benefits:

  • Fewer workplace insurance claims.
  • Prevention of workplace injuries by ensuring an equipment is safe for use by all personnel.
  • Assurance that standardized safety procedures are in place.
  • Identification of safe work practices and uncovering areas of inefficiency.
  • Renewed motivation for employees when they realize that the employer is taking active steps to ensuring their safety.
  • Prevention of liability by identifying potential risks and taking preventative measures.

Services offered by ZCS:

  • Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews
  • Evaluation, Design, Build and Installation of Machine and Robotic Cell Guarding
  • Turnkey Safety Solutions
    • Evaluation of Control System Performance Level(PL) and Safety Integrity Level(SIL)
    • Equipment Safety Upgrades
    • Consulting on the Interpretation and Application of Safety Codes & Standards
  • Training & Mentorship