Compare Engineers

Never Ask An Engineer, “What Do You Charge ?”

Instead, You Should Ask “What Will I Get For My Money ?”

compare engineer

We’ve Created A Comprehensive Set Of Standards You Can Use To Evaluate Any Engineer You Are Considering Hiring To Perform Your Safety Review (PSHR)

We wanted to find a way to educate plant managers about how to choose the proper safety reviewer.

Frankly, we think some of our competitors standards are simply not good enough. Any engineer can perform safety reviews, but at ZCS we strive to employ engineers with experience in machine build and systems integration.

Publishing a review with solutions that protects the operator, protects you, and protects the business from a lawsuit, while keeping the cost down is a delicate balancing act. Before you hire any firm to do your review, make sure you consult each section and insist that the engineer comply with every single standard listing.

That way, no matter who you choose you’ll be the one in possession of the measuring stick; the information you’ll need to make an informed and intelligent decision – and avoid regrets later.