About Us

Zirconium Consultancy Services is a diversified business group with interests in Engineering, Information technology, Accounting, SRED and Education. Our focus on Innovation and Intrapreneurship and our reliance on the latest technology for managing our business divisions have helped us remain a lean and effective organization resulting in our rapid growth. We specialize in providing predictable service and support at a predictable price.

But Engineers are all alike, aren’t they?

We’ve heard that a thousand times.

Although we engineers may look all alike, we hear many stories about lacking reports and we encourage the client to take their complaint to the PEO.

These stories range from plain incompetency and lack of manufacturing or machine design experience, to poorly written reviews,incomplete reviews full of errors or omissions, and overcharging for poor quality work.

Fortunately, much of this can be avoided with a little research. These sorts of engineers can be easy to spot as long as the temptations of a low bid, or low hassle review doesn’t cloud you from spotting the red flags.

More often than you would expect, we are called in to ‘redo’ a safety review after one of our competitors have already performed the service for a client. Why? The Obvious answers lies with Due Diligence. The client clearly felt something was lacking and asked us to give them more. In one instance, we were tasked with a redo of 72 reports generated by three separate engineering firms!

It’s been our long experience that nearly everyone focuses only on the obvious and immediate safety hazards or deficiencies. That’s a given. We at ZCS AKIA, however, believe it’s critical to go a step further and design an anticipatory assessment and contingency plan based not just on an immediate threat, but a potential future hazardous occurrence as well. Having a comprehensive, thorough review not only saves valuable time and money, it saves costly downtime due to redo’s and possible fines.