9 Ways We Do It Better


There’s A Reason Why So Many Of Our Clients Have Come To Us AFTER trying Our Competition… We Endeavour To Do Every Job 100% Exactly Right. No Exceptions.

  1. ALL of your expectations are properly set and either met or exceeded.
  2. The review is detailed, comprehensive, yet easy to read with deficiencies clearly highlighted in bold.
  3. The review is completed quickly and accurately.
  4. The review is not based on someone’s interpretation (opinion) of what the regulations say, it’s based on EXACTLY what’s written. That way there’s no room for error.
  5. The review contains comments, details and supporting references to regulations to eliminate confusion.
  6. The review contains custom tailored recommendations for solutions to deficiencies.
  7. The review contains ‘real world’ solutions that are production impact sensitive to cost, operator friendliness, and production downtime.
  8. Your risk and potential liability is minimized. The review gives you freedom from worry knowing that the recommended deficiency solutions will survive any surprise government visit.
  9. The review does not compromise on Safety. Ever.